3 Useful Grow Lights for the Horticulturist

Grow lights are the essential artificial light source for growing plants mostly where there is a lack of natural light. They stimulate the process of photosynthesis and help grow the plants.


TaoTronics® TT-GL05 UFO LED Grow Lights Panel:  You can grow any plant indoors regardless of their stage from seed to flower to fruit, using this 90 Watt UFO LED Grow Light by renowned grow light manufacturer TaoTronics. The body is made from stamped sheet metal with a sleek black powder coat, so not only is it solid, but it looks good too. You can expect your plants to grow healthy and quickly as it incorporates 620 – 630nm Red, 450 – 460nm Blue and 610 – 615nm Orange lights. Your plants will also be prevented from burning as there are three thermostatically controlled, low noise fans within the panel just above the lights.


Philips GreenPower LED Top Lighting system: Philips GreenPower LED top lighting delivers very high light output while radiating much less heat than HPS top lighting. That means you can control light and temperature more separately from each other to reach unprecedented lighting levels for your plants and gain more control over growing conditions. Philips GreenPower LED top lighting combined with our dedicated light recipes opens up new opportunities for every greenhouse grower to increase their quality and yields and move to year-round production. LED top lighting can shorten growth cycles, increase yields, reduce energy and enable the more economic use of space.


Noribachi Full-Spectrum Grow Light: Noribachi, a Los Angeles-based LED lighting company, launched full spectrum LED grow lights. The company said it developed the grow lights at its Northern California Grow lab. The highest power grow light of the full spectrum family is the XL Warehouse Grow Light. The 36” by 36” light includes four squares lights attached to each other for a total of 1,448.3 μmol/s PPF. Norbiachi created this grow light to be the equivalent of 2,200 to 2,600 Watt HPS or Metal Halide grow lights. Instead of using 2,200 to 2,600 watts, it consumes just 832 Watts. The XL Warehouse Grow Light has an incredible output of up to 116,688 lumens. The light boasts a typical efficiency of 140 lumens per watt.