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LED Expo Thailand 2019, the 7th edition of ASEAN’s Show on LED Technology & Lighting Solutions, is dedicated to the science, technology and application of LEDs and solid-state lighting. LED Expo Thailand is a dynamic hub for LED / lighting companies to congregate, promote, discuss, transact, partner and gain insights on neighboring LED markets.

This zone highlights high performance Solar LED products,

A special pavilion for new technologies that would bring

A conference on LED lighting product & technology

A platform to facilitate the display of innovative

A specific zone highlighting high performance PCB


An excellent platform to launch & showcase your products to Govt. bodies, Retailers, Hoteliers, Architects, Project managers, Signage world specialists, Lighting industry professionals & many more

Expand brand awareness amongst key decision makers within the target audience

Analyse the competition by knowing your competitors

Make the most of networking opportunities

Help grow sales in an already established market

Develop new contacts besides nurturing the existing

Face-to-face interaction with invited key clients

We help you to find perfect sourcing for your needs in the field of LED Technology with great networking opportunities

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Why Visit

As ASEAN’s Show on LED Technology & Lighting Solutions, LED Expo Thailand provides exciting avenues to explore new business opportunities and penetrate new LED markets.

on a personal level for effective networking & negotiation

LED technology products and services

with Asian & Global LED manufacturers/suppliers

through world-class conferences & seminars.

with distinguished industry leaders & set-up partnerships

Attend workshops for hands-on-training(ed

  • Mr. Pichest Kleangma, ICE LED Co., Ltd.

    “This is the 6th year that we have sponsored this event. It's a very good platform to launch new products as the responses come in almost no time. This year, we brought spotlight for stadiums, which have already received national innovation award.”

  • Mr. C Darongsuwan, Philips (Thailand) Ltd.

    “At Philips, we continue to develop innovative products wherein our core concept is IOT, i.e. ‘lighting beyond illumination’. We are committed to bring new innovations to our customers in Thailand. This is why (in our booth), we didn’t showcase products; but innovation and concept lighting.”

  • Mr. T Premyothin, W.I.P. Electric Co., Ltd.

    This is the 3rd time we are exhibiting at LED Expo Thailand. We met a variety of visitors and at least 10% new customers every year.

  • Mr. C Kongpattanakul,, Highlight Electronic

    This is the 6th year we have joined LED Expo Thailand. We have variety of products from general lighting, decorative lighting and indoor-outdoor lighting. Our target customers are hotel, architecture, golf course, project, dealer and distributor segments. I am impressed with services of the organizer, visitor group and business matching program that matched with our business goal.

  • Mr. Xu Jianzhong, Shenzhen Bao Yao Co., Ltd.

    South-east and Asian Market are very important for us so is Thailand. In this way, we can get more products and more projects from Thailand and south-east Asia. That’s why we came here to attend LED Expo Thailand and it is very fantastic. I love it.

  • Mr. F Zhon, Guangdong Pak Corporation

    It is my second time here and I enjoy being here and love the atmosphere. We want to create new contacts in Thailand as there is a lot of potential here. I feel it is the biggest lighting fair in Thailand. We are very excited to see our old customer joining us again.

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iLight Connect is the theme for the 2018 International LED Summit. The theme recognises the current and emerging lighting control protocols and incredible design possibilities while reinforcing the increasing need for the players in the design,

Design Director, LightPlan
design consultant
Principal of MS Design and President of CLDA,Taiwan
GM/Design Director CSLC,
Lighting Designe
Urban Planner
Lighting Designer,

  • 10 May 2018
    Day 1
  • 11 May 2018
    Day 2
  • ILight Connect Workshop
10:00 - 5:45 Dr. Acharawan Chutarat (BioArchitek /KMUTT)
ILight Connect Workshop    

WORKSHOP TYPE: A practical 1-day architectural and landscape lighting workshop

LOCATION: IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Centre – at pre-selected interior locations near the entrances to Challenger 1 Exhibition Hall.

WORKSHOP LEADER: Dr. Acharawan Chutarat

WORKSHOP STRUCTURE: Participants will learn the lighting design process and then concept, construct and commission their own working lighting installation.
Participants will choose which workshop group they wish to be in: -
Group 1: Facade and Form
Group 2: Exterior Balcony
Group 3: Outdoor Home Garden
Group 4: Outdoor Landscape

A Group Leader (lighting designer) will be assigned to each group to guide and discuss concepts and realise the desired lighting effects at your site.

WORKSHOP REGISTRATION DESK & MEETING POINT TIME: Located at the International Conference Room, inside Challenger 1 Exhibition Hall, the registration desk will be open at 09.00 – 10.00 Thursday 10th May 2018. Please be early to register and make your payment.

ITINERARY This 1-day workshop will cover the following topics and timeline: -

10.00 – 11.00:
Introduction lecture on principles of exterior and landscape lighting (all participants gather in the International Conference Room)
11.00 – 12.30:
Group discussion on concept and equipment (participants split into groups and work at chosen site for the remainder of the workshop)
12.30 – 01.30:
Lunch Break

13.30 – 15.00:
Experiment with equipment to achieve lighting concept
15.00 – 16.30:
Set-out equipment and wiring (assisted by We-ef technicians)
16.30 – 17.30:
Prepare and commission installation for “Light-Up”
“Light-Up” (first viewing time)

After completing the 1-day workshop (incl lectures, installation and commissioning) participants should be able to: -
1. Understand the principles of landscape and exterior lighting design.
2. Create a conceptual lighting design and revert to a real site.
3. Understand technical equipment and applications to achieve the concept.
4. Gain practical experience by experimenting with the effects of different lenses, beam patterns, spacing, colour, intensity, and other properties of light on given tasks

First Viewing Time: 17.45 Thursday 10th May 2018 *
Subsequent Viewing Times: 10.00 – 18.00 Friday 11th and Saturday 12th May 2018 (* workshop open for first viewing 15 mins before commencement of LET Networking session in Challenger 1. A video cam to be positioned at each site and provide live feed to a large screen)

Participants: The “iLight Connect” Workshop will appeal to participants such as: - students, graduates and mature age persons from the lighting design, architecture, landscape architecture, human environmental design, fine arts, graphic arts and other design professions, engineering practices, and all those who wish to know more about designing with light.

Special thanks to We-ef Lighting for providing the lighting equipment and associated controls and cabling for the workshop.

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  • International LED Summit
09.20 – 09.30 James Wallace
Design Director, LightPlan (Perth Australia)    

James Wallace, Design Director, LightPlan (Perth, Australia)
Keynote Presentation Title:
Social Lighting – Catalyst for Night-time Activation.
Abstract: James will present two urban lighting case studies relevant to planning for a night-time economy.

09.30 – 10.05 Martin Klaasen
(Principal KLD, Singapore & Australia)    

Martin Klaasen (Principal KLD, Singapore & Australia)
Keynote Presentation Title: “2020 and beyond...the future of ligh ting and lighting design”
Abstract:our first speaker, an experienced international lighting designer, will discuss the changing landscape in professional lighting design in consideration of the IoT and the impacts of the emerging “lighting as a service” economy.

11.00 – 11.35 Lear Hsieh
(Principal of MS Design and President of CLDA,Taiwan)    

Lear Hsieh (Principal of MS Design and President of CLDA,Taiwan)
Keynote Presentation Title: Development & Trends in Chinese Lighting Design
Abstract: Lear will introduce the new trend of Chinese lighting designers learning from engineers and artists to improve public areas to private spaces.

11.35 – 11.45 Carry Yu
(GM/Design Director CSLC, Chongqing, China)    

Carry Yu (GM/Design Director CSLC, Chongqing, China)
Heart Talk Title: “Smart Light - The Intoxicating Change of Light and Shadow”
Abstract: Let’s give the light an organic shape; working hard and faithfully to realise the idea for space; carrying peoples’ story of life.

14.00 – 14.35 Johan Moritz
(Snr Lighting Designer, City of Malmo, Sweden)    

Johan Moritz (Snr Lighting Designer, City of Malmo, Sweden)
Keynote Presentation Title:
“Together We Are Strong - Developing a Unique Lighting Festival”
Abstract: The speaker will put forward ideas while discussing the opportunities and considerations to staging an annual outdoor lighting festival in Bangkok.

14.35 – 14.55 Kjell Hult
(Alingsås, Sweden)    

Kjell Hult (Alingsås, Sweden)
Heart Talk Title:
“Workshop in Lighting Design – Tools for Success”
Abstract:The town of Alingsas, Sweden has developed a workshop in lighting design, where experienced invited lighting designers lead participants during an intensive dayand- night week through the different stages of creating real-life urban lighting installations. Kjell Hult has been manager of this workshop for 17 years since its inception and will present the process of the workshop.

16.20 – 16.30 Dr. Acharawan Chutarat
(BioArchitek /KMUTT)    

Dr. Acharawan Chutarat (BioArchitek /KMUTT)
Heart Talk Title: The Lighting Master plan – a critical step towards planning a night-time economy.
Abstract: Key considerations for city lighting master planning will be discussed.