Solar energy is one of the alternative energy sources that can last forever. It has recently received a lot of attention as it is one of the most effective ways to conserve energy. In addition, solar energy technology has become increasingly more effective. It is the driving force for entrepreneurs and investors to start their businesses with solar energy.

In Thailand, the Energy Policy and Planning Office together with the National Science and Technology Development Agency, established the second round of energy storage systems project with a budget of THB 403 million, to encourage research and development for energy storage systems for the business sector.

“Solar Zone” a new highlight zone at LED Expo Thailand 2018, features high performance Solar LED products, services and technology for the housing, commercial and industrial sectors - aimed to induce huge savings on electricity and encouraging the usage of renewable energy.

  • Solar LED Lighting / LED
  • Solar Panels / PV Modules
  • Batteries & Accessories 
  • Charge Controllers & Inverters Solar LED’s 
  • Inverters / Solar Energy Storage 
  • Monitor, Mounting Systems, Trackers 
  • PV Components (Cables, Connectors, Junction Boxes, etc.) 
  • Small Solar Devices 
  • Solar Consumer Products & Home Appliances 
  • Solar Farm Developers & Owners 
  • Solar Heating 

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