Top 5 Smart Lighting systems for your home

Smart lights are the lights which are no longer restricted to just on and off or controlled by the nearby switch. The Smart Lighting system has completely changed the view the of lighting system, now you can change the color of the light and control it from your phone when you’re halfway around the world. They don’t just make it comfortable for you but your house much more beautiful than
you have ever seen it. Following are the top smart lighting systems which are best for the home settings.

1. PHILIPS HUE- This is system best for people who love mix and matching in colors. Philips Hue comes in numerous different styles and colors to choose from for your home.

2. SENGLED PULSE- Yes! This bulb is for the people who love partying. This can be controlled by the Bluetooth, and you can connect up to eight  bulbs together to create a lighting and music                   system that can be controlled with your phones.

3. LIFTIFY- This is a smart system for both indoors and outdoors of your home. Control every bulb via Lightify Gateway hub and get a wireless broadband.

4. ELGATO’S AVEA- This is an affordable bulb which comes with an easy present light to create a perfect mood and a gentle Alarm.

5. BELKIN WEMO STARTER KIT- There is no color changing options, just extra bright lights with super energy efficient white LED bulbs designed to replace your old CFL.