Online Business Matching Days ,16-17 September 2021

To deliver quality & relevant buyers at our Online Business Matching Programme. Please complete this accurately.

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Guideline on Business Matching Numbers

  • Seller targeting One geographic market (one country) : 3 meetings are recommended
  • Seller targeting More than One geographic markets (Multiple countries ) : 3-5 meetings are recommended
  • Seller targeting More than Two geographic markets (Multiple countries ) with multiple products offerings: 6-7 meetings are recommended
  • Total Number of Seller-Buyer meetings are capped at 7 meetings

Business Matching Fees (Seller)

  • Minimum payable fee is US$ 300 for 3 pre-qualified buyers meetings ( 30 mins for each meeting)
  • Any additional meetings arranged will be charged at US$ 100 per meeting
  • Prevailing VAT applies

Our Business Matching Services

  • Pre Business Matching Marketing Promotion
  • Buyers Invitations, Qualifications and Verification
  • Provision of User Friendly Online Meeting platform
  • Professional Organiser support to arrange and facilitate your meeting with buyers
  • Providing you with Buyers Full contact details

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