27 to 29 JANUARY, 2021

Though the Platform will be open 24 hours but Exhibitors will be available at the above time period during the 3 day Event for Live Interaction.

Benefits of Virtual Exhibition

Exhibitions industry is amongst the worst-hit in the present scenario owing to the spread of pandemic and travel restrictions, which is making business and sales continuity a challenging task. However, the seamless experience offered by online exhibition platforms has ensured that exhibitions can be easily and conveniently shifted to these platforms to accommodate business interests in current times.

LED and lighting industry is now slowly emerging from this crisis and is determined to bounce back with even greater vigor. Platforms such as LED Expo Thailand Virtual will help uplift this industry and provide high bandwidth business opportunities to stakeholders.

Why LED Expo Thailand Virtual Show?

  • One-Stop business and knowledge virtual platform to meet contractors, architects, developers, engineers, commercial and industrial building owners, LED and lighting professionals and traders, government and state owned enterprises
  • E-Market Platform with live online business opportunities to engage with your potential customers and partners and promote your brands
  • Digital Platform to reach out to state owned enterprise and government organizations
  • E-Learning Platform to industry knowledge and trends via a series of webinars by industry experts

What Do Exhibitors Get?

  • Virtual booth showcase with downloadable e-brochure, product showcase and video presentation
  • Interactive Live 1-1 chat platform for connecting with potential customers
  • Interactive Live 1-1 video call platform for connecting with potential customers
  • Virtual business matching platform with potential customers
  • Virtual e-learning platform with multi-track free to attend webinars
  • Digital booster platform to help you e-boost your market presence and showcase your market leadership.

3-Month Business Matching Platform

Provides you a plethora of Branding, Promotion and Business Opportunities for a span of 3 months , wherein through our business matching platform, you can reach out to prospective buyers from across the globe.

Benefits & Features of this Platform:

Exhibitor will be provided with a login to create their business profile on the platform & upload all their brochures, product images & videos.

Their will be a Fix a meeting option wherein any buyer visiting your profile, can send in a meeting request at a mutually convenient time.

Complete business Analytics will be available to the exhibitor to check on the number of buyers that visited their company page along with their contact info. Also details on who downloaded their product brochures & catalogues.

Why Should Visitors Attend?

  • Free-to-attend event
  • Source latest innovative lighting products from top suppliers
  • Learn about latest technology and developments in the fast growing LED sector
  • Do video/voice call, email or chat with the exhibitor
  • Watch live demo of new lighting technology and applications
  • Save catalogue, business cards, video demo, product images to your ‘Briefcase’
  • Economical, safe and time-saving
  • Immersive experience for visitors as the virtual show would look like a replica of the live show

Broad Segments






Visitor Profile

  • Architectural & Interior Design Companies
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Construction Companies
  • Corporate Companies
  • Electricity Boards
  • Event Organizers
  • Facility Management Company
  • Government Agencies & State Enterprises
  • Hospitals
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Shopping Malls and Retail Stores
  • Industrial Estates & Manufacturing Companies
  • Infrastructure & Project Management Companies
  • LED & Lighting Dealers/ Distributors/Importers/Manufacturers
  • LEED Certifiers/Energy Conservers
  • Lighting Specifiers
  • Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Companies
  • Municipal Corporations & Public Works Department
  • Real Estate
  • Signage and Advertising Companies
  • Stadium and Sport Facilities
  • Stage Lighting & Set Design Companies
  • Trade Associations / Chamber of Commerce / Embassies
  • Transportation Authorities (Airport/Port/Highway/Railway Station/Bus Station)
  • Universities & Educational Institutes
  • Visual Merchandisers/Retail Designers
  • Trade Councils / Embassies & many more…
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